We are overjoyed to share that Dorothy, the fragile 14 year-old with tuberculosis we introduced to you a year ago, has made an amazing comeback.

Dorothy was hanging onto life by a very thin thread. So sick and so sad, she refused to eat, speak or take her medications. There was no choice but to feed and medicate her through a tube. We honestly did not know if she would pull through. It took two months of care before Dorothy spoke, but that seemed to mark a turning point.

It was a long road, but just look at at the difference a year of love and care has made for Dorothy:

We received this update right before Valentine’s Day, which was the most heartwarming “love note” we could have hoped for:

“Dorothy is doing really well physically. She still has a tough time mentally, but has such a bubbling joy pouring out of her for the simple everyday things of life — like food!”

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