We have many sick children in our care. One of them is Dorothy, a fragile 14-year old with TB. She is extremely sick and so sad she refused to eat, take medication, or talk about her sorrows.  We resorted to feeding her and medicating her through a tube. We were not sure if she would pull through and were alarmed as she declined throughout January. It was terribly frustrating to see her in such bad shape and to be hindered by the limitations of healthcare in our area. She would never survive a trip to the capital, where more sophisticated hospitals might be able to do more extensive testing and treatment. We had very little to offer Dorothy beyond our love and care. Finally, after two months, she has said a few words. She is unable to sit up or to eat on her own so we must continue to use a tube. But speaking is a big deal although it may not seem like much. We hope for a miracle and will keep you updated.