Hope Brings Change

Friends of Humanity is saving lives every day in the Port-de-Paix region of Northwest Haiti.

Few people are called upon to be heroes or save the world. In Haiti, even the smallest contribution can make the difference between life and death. You are a very real hero to the children of House of Hope La Pointe.

You can make a difference in many ways. If you don’t have time to volunteer, a donation will help those who spend their lives helping the neediest of the poor in Northwest Haiti. If you have more time than money, your enthusiasm is a priceless source of encouragement. Anything is better than nothing, because under the correct stewardship, even small resources have a life-changing impact in Haiti.

You can make a financial contribution, donate food or used items, become involved as a volunteer . . . there are many ways you can turn the “I” of Haiti into the shared joys of friendship and hope. We welcome your help in any form.

Navigating Difficult Realities

Natural disasters, cholera, and political upheaval have plagued Haiti for many years making relief efforts difficult and complicated. Through the years, Friends of Humanity has partnered with Extreme Response International and has managed to overcome these challenges and provide valuable, lifesaving support to the people of Northwest Haiti. Tragically, a pandemic, another earthquake, a cholera outbreak and a presidential assassination have thrown Haiti deeper into the throes of violent chaos. Crime has driven off relief workers and the UN estimates that nearly half the population is going hungry.

Gang violence has remained outside of Northwest Haiti, but the crisis has directly impacted our relief efforts. We are unable to bring volunteers to Haiti on work trips because safe travel from Port-au-Prince to Port-de-Paix is almost impossible. Mission planes have withdrawn and the roads are dangerous. We are monitoring the situation and plan to resume our trips once conditions improve.

All of this has led to exponential increases in the cost of purchasing, shipping and delivering food. For example: In October 2022, the month’s food expense for House of Hope was below $9,000; by February 2023 it shot up to well over $17,000 — a staggering increase of 101%.

House of Hope Average Monthly Food Cost

Oct. 2022 1,370,600.00 8,829.96
Nov. 2022 1,532,000.00 9,869.51
Dec. 2022 2,336,500.00 15,052.29
Jan. 2023 1,935,000.00 12,465.73
Feb. 2023 2,761,250.00 17,788.12
Mar. 2023 2,415,500.00 15,560.78
$79,566.39 ÷ 6 months = $13,261.06 average per month

We are working to provide food and clothing in the most economical way possible. And we are exploring all of our options as we navigate this difficult reality.

But no matter the cause of the crisis nor its complicated solutions, these troubles are not the fault of the innocent children residing at the House of Hope. They need us now more than ever. And we need you now more than ever. Please help us help them.

Be A Benefactor

We welcome your support!

Whether it is a foundation grant or assistance in hosting a fundraising event, our benefactors are passionate and determined to make a change for the better in the world.

Your monetary donation has the power to transform the lives and spirits of the people of this devastatingly poor region. Make a general contribution, or designate your gift for a specific area of need.

Sponsor a Child

Change a life today

It costs $300 per month to cover the medical, shelter, food and other basic living costs for one child. Please consider sponsoring a child (or more than one child) with a recurring donation.

Donate Goods

New and gently used items accepted and appreciated

Clean out your closets and donate your used clothing, shoes, toys, and other items to Friends of Humanity. We accept items in good condition that can find new life in Haiti.


Help is always needed for a variety of tasks

Whatever ability you have is needed and will be greatly appreciated.