Each child at House of Hope has a unique story. Mits came to us at just over two weeks old. He weighed less than two pounds. His mom died soon after his birth and there was no one available to take care of him. The family was told by our physician that House of Hope would be the best place for him. His family has more resources than most families in the area, so they have been helping to cover the financial cost of caring for Mits. This is the first time a family has been able to help us financially. Usually, we have to manage it completely on our own.

After just a month with us, Mits has gained two pounds. While still very tiny at four pounds, Mits is beginning to round the corner. It looks like the life of this precious baby can be saved. He is one of 90 success stories we currently have at House of Hope. We love all our children and feel privileged to care for them.