Oliana suffers from juvenile diabetes along with several other health conditions. Without the care received from House of Hope, she would have died long ago. Her health status is constantly precarious because we have very limited medical resources. Earlier this year, Oliana suffered a severe health setback. We were unable to control her insulin levels and it seemed that we would be unable to save her. Fortunately, a group of volunteer doctors helped us transport Oliana to Port-au-Prince to see a specialist in diabetes who happened to be volunteering there. The Boucher family welcomed Oliana into their home while she waited for an opportunity to see the doctor. The doctor adjusted her insulin level and gave us instructions on ways we could help her beyond the use of expensive and difficult to obtain medications. Oliana has returned to House of Hope and is doing much better. Her latest health crisis began  at the end of May and as of June 7th, she has resumed many of her normal activities. House of Hope and Beraca Medical Center are very closely aligned in their work. Not only do we share the same campus, many House of Hope children are also patients of Beraca Medical Center. Oliana is one example of someone who finds hope, care, and support here.