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Run The Generator

Fuel and repair costs for the generator used by House of Hope to obtain clean drinking water and to power electrical lights and equipment are very high. Both fuel and parts must be brought in from the U.S. Your donation can help us keep the generator going one more day.

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The Problem

House of Hope depends upon a diesel-powered generator for lights and water. The generator pumps water from the well up into the hillsides during the day. At night, when the generator is turned off to save on fuel costs, water flows via gravity to House of Hope to ensure the children have water for drinking and washing. When the generator breaks down or when money for fuel is tight, the generator cannot run and House of Hope goes without water and lights.

The Solution

Contribute towards fuel costs, which are as high or higher than in the U.S. All fuel oils and gases must be imported. This includes fuels such as diesel, propane and gasoline. Helping to pay our diesel fuel bill and the cost of generator parts, which must also be shipped into Haiti, will help keep the generator running. The cost of paying factory-trained mechanics to come to Haiti makes repairs a constant challenge. Your donation can also help us maintain the generator required by House of Hope.


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